About us



PRO-ACTIVE S.r.l. has been founded in Febraury 2004 from Mr. Giuseppe Dall’Ara, businessman in medical field from more than 40 years. He decided to found PRO-ACTIVE when contextually agreed with the other two owners to sold Plasti Medical, the company that he founded in 1973, to the multinational corporation Alaris/Cardinal Health and then he lead PRO-ACTIVE untill 2016.
From 2017 the ownership of PRO-ACTIVE S.r.l. change and Nord Tecnicna S.r.l. acquire the controlling stake. Nord Tecnica S.r.l., operate in Italian medical field form more then 25 years anni directly, or throgh holdings in other companies, selling reusable medical devices utilized in operating theatre or central sterile services department. PRO-ACTIVE S.r.l., with its know-how and its experience in disposable medical devices field, strategically complete this group that become a reference point at 360° for medical devices in Italy and abroad.
PRO-ACTIVE S.r.l. today is a solid reality, dinamic and costantly growing. It export in 47 Countries all over the world, trading own brand and partner brands medical devices provided by suppliers and outsourcers selected and qualified during its more then ten years activity.

Indirizzo: V.le del Commercio, 12 - 45100 Rovigo - ITALIA
Tel.: +39.0425.491087 / +39.0425.1885138 - Fax: +39.0425.490101 / e-mail: info@proactivesrl.it